Tuesday, February 23, 2010

White Rabbits @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Feb 23rd 2010

White Rabbits @ L' Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris Feb 23rd 2010


Another indie rock band , this time based in Brooklyn, NY, & another band in which musicians are switching of instruments. Nothing new.
I mean all these bands are quite enjoyable, White Rabbits have an additional guy on percussions to give extra rythm power unfortunately what is missing is A song, nothing comes out in particular , thye miss melodies for the songs or a hook for the chorus.
So enjoyable but there's something missing.

There was a recording of Arte tv show " One shot not" as usual those bastards don't want to give the names of the artists ( Jamie Cullum among many others tonight ).
There's another recording tomorrow night