Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Arborea + Guests @ Oliver Peel session # 17 Paris Feb 16th 2010

Arborea + Guests Dave Olliffe, Frederic D'Oberland & Sandra @
Oliver Peel session #17 Paris Feb 16th 2010

Very unusual day for an Oliver Peel session, we're in the middle of the week just a couple of days after Rivkah played the very same place.
At Oliver's we rock ( sorry... Folk ) not only on fridays or saturdays night.

First to play are Dave Olliffe & Frederic D' Oberland ( & Sandra on harmonium).
Laid back acoustic & Electric guitars and a bit of harmonium thrown in, "ambiance music" should we call it with a terrific sound.
Perfect for a movie soundtrack.

After a intermission with red & white wine + sandwiches & cakes( courtesy of our host Cécile Peel).
It's time for Arborea to grace the improvised stage @ Oliver's.
Different country , they're from Maine, USA and different music.
Much more roots, original American folk( protest) songs, the beginning is really quiet on acoustic guitar or banjo for this couple-duet then the electric guitar kicks in ( hope the neighbours won't complain ) for more "noisy"songs.
That was their last show on their European tour and they seemed to have enjoy their trip in France. We did too... great double act.

Videos to follow shortly...