Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Shot Not recording with Natalie Merchant, Andrew Roachfoard, Natalie Williams, Lisa Hannigan, Kurt Elling & Jehro Paris Dec 12th 2010

Natalie Merchant, Andrew Roachfoard, Natalie Williams,
Lisa Hannigan
, Kurt Elling & Jehro
One Shot Not
Paris Dec 12th 2010
Complete setlist above

Second show of the year 2010 for ROCKERPARIS and it's another Tv Show, this time for French-German tv Arte.
In front of 300 people, several artists are performing a couple of songs one after another, this time there is a House Band so the artists invited are all singers.
No stage as the audience is seating down around the musicians , so it' s a really cool setting.
  • French singer Jehro is the first ( singing in english & Spanish ) a mix of Funk & Acoustic Spanish music , really cool songs and warm voice. Nice set
  • Folk Irish beauty Lisa Hannigan is next ( she played a few years ago with Damien Rice and is now on her own ) she could easily play an Oliver Peel session. Great voice , great songs and really good looking too.
  • English beauty Natalie Williams ( another sexy looking gal) is bewitching us with her soulfull voice & music.
  • Another soul English artist with Andrew Roachford, on his own on the piano for the first song. It's obvious he listened to Stevie Wonder a lot in his youth ... and guess what ? He's doing a Stevie Wonder cover just after.
  • Natalie Merchant ( former 10 000 Maniacs singer ) first song is very soft , second is New Orleans jazz and groovy.
  • Then we have crooner Kurt Elling, it's obvious he listened to Frank Sinatra a lot.
  • Encore is a Motown medley with Roachfoard doing a ... Stevie Wonder cover ( "uptight") while Natalie Merchant is dancing like a maniac backstage followed by Kurt Elling (another Stevie Wonder cover: " Golden Lady") & Natalie Williams ending the set.
I've been to a few One Shot Not recordings and this one is by far the best I've been to.
There's always one or two boring artists but this time they were ALL absolutely great from Folk to Soul to Jazz...
They've made a special show with the House Band as the songs that were played were re-arranged specially for the show with a classical quartet and 4 guys on brass plus rythm section and guitar.

There's another recording tomorrow ( with Gush, Karima Francis, Beat assailant, Corinne Baley Rae.... ) and the day after, not sure if I'll be able to go.
We shall see...