Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favorite Pictures of 2009 Part 1

Selection of some of Patrice Guino 's favorite Pics from 2009
For this Part 1 , we've selected only heavy shit from Patrice's collection.
Check the links with much more Pics , video, setlist, review ...
  • Metallica @ Bercy 01st & 2nd April ( click for dozens of other great Pics ) These shows were stunning , even if their records are shit for the last 10 (15 ?) years Metallica are killing machines on stage. All looking forward with audience around them.
  • Dead Weather @ Cigale in June : the record is not very good but live they're kicking ass , this picture represents perfectly DW live , VV is a lion.
  • Judas Priest & Megadeth @ Zénith in March ( click for more Pics ) Double bill , Megadeth has done a killer 45 min best of...set. Here is Dave Mustaine rocking, stealing the show. Judas did a very good set too but Rob Halford's voice was very weak. Great Pic of Glenn & KK headbanging.

  • The one & only Tony Iommi, the master of Riff from black sabbath and now Heaven & Hell @ Casino de Paris ( click for more... ) in june of this year. The black & blue diptych.
In fact we 'borrow' Oliver Peel's idea for this selection of the favorite Pics of 2009.
Check his website if you like almost-unknown Indie-folk-rock trendy bands that most people have never heard of..., @ Rockerparis we're more Classic Rock.