Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rodeo Massacre + Nat Jenkins + Dan Smith @ Le Scopitone Paris Oct 31st 2009

Rodeo Massacre, Nat Jenkins & Dan smith
@ Le Scopitone Paris Oct 31st 2009

Dan Smith

Saturday night at new club Le Scopitone ( former Paris Paris ) to see 3 bands i've never heard of before ( invit courtesy of Philippe ).
The guest list is as long as my dick ( and it is very long ) and there are only 20 people max inside at 9 PM ( remember it's saturdaaaay ).

Dan Smith is first on the tiny stage alone on piano creating loops and samples and playing over it , a performance in itself.
Then we have Nat jenkins a funny looking guy ( well for the frenchies as he's looking like French singer Michel Sardou 20 years ago ) playing indie/folk/rock with his band.

Nat Jenkins

Rodeo Massacre watched by Ludwig

Last on stage, in front of a more compact audience, is Rodeo Massacre, these guys and the lovely blonde on vocals have probably listen to all The doors , The Seeds and Grace lick 's records to death before forming a band.
Cool psychedelia for a short set no encore.

without & with flash

Rodeo massacre :