Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kid harpoon & Etikal Lab @ L' International Paris Nov 8th 2009

Kid Harpoon & Etikal Lab
@ L' International Paris Nov 8th 2009

Where to go tonight ? Les Inrocks Fest or L' International , we chose the latter , who wants to see Sliimy @ Les Inrocks ? NOT me.

First time in years that I'm not going AT ALL at the Inrocks Fest.
No interesting bands this year or I've already seen them recently ( Ebony Bones last week ).

Kid Harpoon is on his own with his acoustic guitar for a powerful set , 20 min no more. His voice was fucked up so he cut the performance short ending it with a Leonard Cohen cover.
Very different from the music that is played on his Myspace.
Then it's time for trip-hop french band Etikal Lab , nice set but the music is not really my cup of tea. They do have a sexy singer though. ( not obvious on the pic but she is ).