Friday, October 23, 2009

"One Shot Not" recording with Madness, Kasabian, Archie shepp, Skunk Anansie, Charlie Winston, Nouvelle Vague, Peter von Poehl Paris oct 22nd 2009

Arte tv show " One shot Not" is doing a recording just outside Paris.
Once again a real mess to get in, we had to wait for an hour.
Lovely studio ( 300 capacity ) there's no proper stage, people on the front are siting down on the floor around the instruments , a few others are standing up in the back.
  • Archie Shepp did 3 songs , the first one on sax , he sang the other two. Great mix of Jazz hip hop or blues. 20 min set ( "dig", "trippin", "Revolution" )
  • Skunk Anansie were next , they also did 3 songs of powerfull Heavy pop-rock. Skin is as sexy as ever. ("Because of you", "Hedonism","Tear the place up" )
  • Madness broke the house down once again by performing 4 songs ( " Our House", "Forever young", "Dust devil", "Night boat to Cairo" ) Suggs seemed completely drunk.
  • Charlie Winston did two on the piano plus one on the guitar with Manu Katche on drums, well a bit boring to me ( " i love your smile", "My name", "Kick the Bucket" )
  • Nouvelle Vague was a nice surprise , two girls on vocals ( one american and one french ) plus musicians. First song was nice with share vocals between the completely wild american vocalist and frenchie Melanie Pain ( who looks like the elder sister of Emilie Simon ending with a silly song with just the american girl and drummer.( "Blister in the sun", "Metal ", "sex beat" )
  • Kasabian performed 3 songs acoustic , great but it lacked power. I prefer when they are electric, I'll see them tomorrow @ Bataclan. ( "Underdog", "Where did all the love go", "Thick as thieves" )
  • Peter von Poehl was the last artist but as it was getting very late i had to leave the set. ("28 paradise", "Forgotten garden", "Moonshot falls" )
  • Peter Von Poehl & Nouvelle Vague : " can't get you out of my head" ( Kylie Minogue )
Very nice evening , the technicians only took 5 min between sets to change everything so it went very smoothly.
I don't know when it's gonna be broacast.
There's another recording tomorrow night with Alicia Keys & Pink among others.
I won't go as I'm @ Bataclan for Kasabian.