Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heavy Trash @ Fnac Forum Paris 3 PM Oct 7th 2009

Really lucky today , I went to the fnac store aound 3 PM and they were setting up a stage in the store, after asking who was playing I was delighted to hear that John Spencer 's Heavy trash were playing a short set.

They've played 6 songs, mostly from their new cd , nice early rock à la Elvis 56 with upright bass and all...

1) Bumble bee
2) Gee, I really love you
3) "Take a look at me" ( ? ) sung by Guitar player
4) Bedevilment
5) Punk Rock mama
6) Say Yeah ( ? )

John Spencer's doing the show on his own , a real american showman reminding you of the name of the band , the new cd and the concert @ Trabendo tonight.

Sorry no Pics or videos.