Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emilie Simon @ Fnac Forum Paris Sept 22nd 2009

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Emilie Simon
Showcase @ Fnac Forum
Sept 22nd 2009 Paris

French singer Emilie Simon is promoting her brand new album "The big Machine ".
It's a free showcase for 200 people ( first come first serve ) in the auditorium of french store Fnac in the heart of Paris ( Les Halles )
She's very talented , good looking and has beautiful voice.
Her first record was electro-pop so she has been called the French Bjork now I guess that people will call her the French Kate Bush as she has the same way of singing with the same high tone, this is even more true as her new songs are much more pop , played on the piano.
No more electronics.
Unfortunately she only played 5 songs ( around 30 min ) nevertheless i've appreciate every minute of it.

I think that I really have a crush on her , she's so cute. Look at this beautiful smile.
Message from Patrice: "sorry for the pics they're really crap "

We don't want to get into private matters but Emilie, if you're reading this, ALL our love goes to you ;-)