Saturday, July 11, 2009

John Butler + Tété + Nicky Bomba @ Folies Bergere Paris july 10th 2009

John Butler +Tété + Nicky Bomba
@ Folies Bergere Paris July 10th 2009

First on stage is Nicky Bomba on guitar and different percussion and samples , We just arrived for the last 2 songs as he started playing very early, the whole seated theatre is already packed.
His set went down a storm, he had a couple of people from the audience to play with him on stage, very fun and lively.
Then we have French singer Tété ( pictures above ) .
He had a couple of hits in France with his acoustic-soul music. The songs are good, people like him a lot here. Unfortunately he's trying to be funny between songs ( he had to tune his guitar each time ) it's ok once or twice but it the end it started getting on my nerves maybe he should stick to the music. Or maybe I didn't get it as everybody was having fun.
Maybe I should stop moaning all the time.

John Butler is very popular in France , his concerts have allways been very lively and fun, he's playing tonight on his own for most of the first part of the gig , he will be joined by Nicky Bomba on drums for the second part.
You think that someone seated playing acoustic guitar on his lap might be boring : WRONG.
Once again John Butler proved that he's a great artist , songs are fun , he's using lots of different effects on the guitar ( from acoustic to electric to indian sitar ) to great results.
How many people can play a instrumental guitar song on his own for 9 min without being boring ? He can do it and it's FUN.
They ended the set with Nicky Bomba ( a great showman ) by using every kind of percussion they could put theirs hands on to ( including a chair ) and had the audience split in 3 to sing each one a different melody while Nick & John were conducting it.
Of course they didn't forget Mickael Jackson by playing ( with Tété as a guest on vocals ) the Jackson 5's " I want you back ". Here on video.
NOTE: They may have changed the setlist or maybe play one song before the other. (He introduced a song about the Prime Minister of Australia and played ... another. )


Jackson 5's " I want you back " with Tété: