Monday, June 22, 2009

Piers Faccini + Son of Dave @ La Défense jazz festival Paris June 22nd 2009 12 :00 PM

Piers Faccini & Son of Dave @ La Défense Jazz festival
June 22nd 2009 12:00PM

La Défense Jazz Festival this year with bluesman Son of Dave & Folk singer Piers Faccini.
Very good festival on the Esplanade de la défense just outside Paris. It's free and bands are always good ( when they're coming unlike Solomon Burke last year who cancelled at the eleventh hour, in fact we've been told he was not coming when they announced him on stage so we had his band instead , Bastards ).
Herbie Hancock , Dr John , Buddy Guy , Mick Taylor... all played here.
Early show today at noon with business (wo)men on their lunch break as we are in the business district of Paris.

First on stage is bluesman Son of Dave ,he's on his own , playing harmonica. He's help with some loops he's making live for the rythm. Don't know if it's the right time or place to listen to his rural blues but the guy is funny and making the show.

Then we have Piers Faccini, he opened not so long ago for Ben Harper at La Cigale in Paris ( click to see previous review ) I wasn't really convinced at the time.
With the sun shining and in a very relax atmosphere Piers faccini's folk-rock is perfect.
On his own with an acoustic guitar for the first song things started smoothly then the drummer came in and Piers switched to electric , no wild guitars here but just cool songs.
He's also fluent in french ( so is Son of Dave ) which is helpfull to communicate.
Cool set