Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Faces reunion ?

From my good friend Ray :
"It now looks certain the Rod Stewart And The Faces reunion tour WILL NOT HAPPEN this year as Rod Stewart is about to announce a UK and Europe Summer 2009 solo tour.Lets hope The Faces shows happen in 2010 or at least play a one off London show at the end of 2009"

Here's an recent interview ( Feb 24th ) with Ian McLagan :
EXPRESS: How did the recent rehearsal reunion of the Faces come about?
MAC: Because I've been working for it for 30 years or more! We had a rehearsal in London in November and it was great. It was just as much fun as it should have been — and as much fun as it always was. And we left with the idea that we would play a gig in London sometime this year. And if it went down well — which I'm sure it would — we would do a short tour. Well, nothing happened and I've never heard from Rod since then. Ronnie, Kenney and I had lunch in London on Wednesday, and Ronnie told me Rod is still keen to do something, but [Rod] really doesn't want to tour. But that may change. If we do one gig or two gigs, then he might get the buzz. He certainly had the buzz when we were rehearsing. He was in great spirits. And if the Faces aren't fun, the faces are fucked!

There are also strong rumours that The Rolling Stones will tour in the USA later this year.
So it's one more for The Faces not to reform this year.