Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Travis @ Casino de Paris Feb 10th 2009 ( + The Alexandra Quartet )

Travis + The Alexandra Quartet @ Casino de Paris Feb 10th 2009
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The Alexandra Quartet + Travis fan
The Casino de Paris is a beautiful parisian theatre that has been recently refurbished , there is a nice restaurant upstairs next to the balcony like at the opera.
I arrived there late , i went to the Bataclan ( stoopid me ), so i've missed most of the support band 's set .
Travis is very popular with girls here , it's a 70% female audience tonight most of 'em in their twenties. Don't know if it's sold-out but the place is packed. They took off all the seats so the pit is standing only which doesn't happen very often in this theatre.
Never understood why the bass player always wears his pea - coat on stage, Fran is wearing his trademark boiler hat.
Show started nicely with " chinese blues " , Travis has always been a good mix of Pop-Rock songs with some nice guitar licks but nothing that can afraid your little sister of.
Of course they've played many songs from their most welknown record " The Man who " ( Their best to me )
Fran went down in the pit to sing one song to screaming girls. Doughie sang one too ( on acoustic guitar while Fran was on bass - see pictures)
Gig ended with a great version of " Why does it always rain on me ? " with audience participation ( see video )
Nice gig !
Exchanging instruments
Whole band singing
setlist Travis

A/S The Alexandra Quartet