Wednesday, January 21, 2009

King's X @ New Morning Paris Jan 20th 2009

It's been a long time coming...
18 Years to finally see King's X playing an headlining show in Paris France.
Last time they played here was in Bercy in 1991 opening for AC / DC.
Unusual place to see a "heavy metal" band as we are in the famous jazz club New Morning.
Needless to say that the show was sold -out a long time ago
The french audience listened religiously from the first second they were on till the last one , 90 minutes later. You could feel that the band was very happy to be playing in France last.
The sound is crystal clear and Doug has a fantastic bass sound.
Funny to watch the whole audience moving their heads to the beat of the drums, lots of press is also here tonight with many photographers to catch this historical moment.
Many people were left outside without ticket.
And they' ve missed something tonight. Their sophisticated progressive metal is perfect and they've just done a great show !
Thanks guys and don't wait 18 years to come back to Paris .
Power trio