Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Everlast @ Album de la semaine Canal+ Paris Dec 2nd 2008


First time i was seeing Everlast live or even hear anything about them, well i check their Myspace before know how they sounded like .
And I liked it very much .
4 musicians : one singer playing guitar, one monster drummer , a bass and guitar player and a keyboard player .
In Canal+ studios ( 150 capacity ) they 've done a great set of , well it's hard to describe they have some groovy tunes à la Stevie Wonder , some others are more folk-rock ( they did z cover of Johnny Cash ) but always with some samples for the beat that could make you think of Rap without beeing rap . A bit like what Junkie XL did with the Elvis Presly song . The singer has a low voice with a flow . So it's a mix of different influences that is sounding close to Pharrel williams ' NERD but different.
Do you get me ?
The thing i'm sure is that it was VERY GOOD .