Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brian Molko @ Melody Nelson Cité de la Musique

More than 10 000 hits

Another new picture from the gig

To all PLACEBO fans , once again : THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

More than 10 000 hits on the "Melody Nelson" video featuring Brian Molko on YouTube.
You all love this video and many of you are visiting this site ROCKERPARIS.

I have people coming from all over the world , it was already like this before on Rockerparis , but since i uploaded this video , there are twice more fans coming from abroad especially theses territories :
From South America ( Chile , Argentina & Brasil ) .
Lots of fans are coming from Russia, Ukraine & eastern european countries .
Never had so many people coming from Singapur , Honk Kong , Japan & even South Korea .

Amazing !!!

ps: thanks to Jimmy Barnes fans coming from Australia & New Zealand.
Thanks also to Patrice Guino for providing all pictures for this site.