Friday, June 20, 2008

TONY COOK 's Trunk-O-Funk with DANNY RAY Jun 19th NewMorning

After a short but nice set by Coldplay we headed to the famous parisian jazz club the New Morning to see James Brown 's former members : drummer TONY COOK and MC DANNY RAY .

Some people may think what's the point of going to see a drummer even if he's James Brown's
Well, baby it's gonna Funk & Groove .

And sure, it did funk & groove !

Divided over 2 sets of 60 mn Tony Cook and his band entertained us with JB covers ( "Sex Machine" , "Get up offa that thing" , "soul power", " i got you" ... ) and among many others Stevie Wonder's "superstition" , ottis redding's "try a little tenderness" Hendrix' " Voodoo chile" ...

Tony' playing drums AND singing, He's the Man helped by a smoking band ( 2 guitar players , 2 horns and a bass player ) and MC Danny Ray himself.

Ah Danny nice to see him back in Paris , The man who introduced Mr Brown every night for 30 years ( or is it more ? )
He was barely on stage for 20 mn ( remember he doesn't sing at all )but he was the Star of the evening.

A Funky Good Night !!!

Tony ( drums ) Zaza ( guitar ) Danny Ray (MC )

Video to come soon . so stay tune

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