Sunday, June 15, 2008

McCartney & U2 @ Live8 2005 Rehearsals & Gig

Just a few pics from Patrice Guino 's archives for you :

" I get there around 10 30 am they already had started the rehearsals , they played Sergent Pepper 3-4 times and that was it.
Note : there is a Pink Floyd's backdrop.
Then it was time for U2 to rehearse on their own and finally Coldplay but we couldn't see them as we were asked to leave the premises as security wanted the pit clear before opening the doors a hour later.

We were lucky to be there the day before for the whole afternoon watching Macca & George Michael, Sting , Madonna ( who rehearsed her 3 songs set for more than 75 min in front of Pink Floyd's ( & family ) Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Richard Wright ). Believe me she's a real Professionnal.
And finally The Pink Floyd with Roger Waters at sunset , that was VERY emotional when they started performing the entire set they will play in front of more than 100 000 people in hyde Park and dozens of millions on TV the day after. We were just a handfull and that was THE FIRST TIME they were playing together for 25 years .
I will always remember these moments. "

© Patrice Guino Live8 Rehearsals july 2nd 2005

© Patrice Guino Live8 Rehearsals july 2nd 2005

© Patrice Guino Live8 Concert july 2nd 2005

Paul McCartney performed yesterday in front of 350 000 in Kiev.
the gig was simultaneously broadcast on giant screens in six other Ukrainian cities and on television, with an estimated 10 million people watching.


'Drive My Car'
'All My Loving'
'Only Mama Knows'
'Flaming Pie'
'Got To Get You Into My Life'
'Let Me Roll It'
'C Moon'
'My Love'
'Let 'Em In'
'The Long And Winding Road'
'Dance Tonight'
'Calico Skies'
'I'll Follow The Sun'
'Mrs Vanderbilt'
'Eleanor Rigby'
'Good Day Sunshine'
'Penny Lane'
'Band On The Run'
'Back In The USSR'
'I Got A Feeling'
'Live And Let Die'
'Let It Be'
'Hey Jude'
'A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance'
'Lady Madonna'
'Get Back'
'I Saw Her Standing There'
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

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